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More colorbars... [29 Jul 2005|11:46am]
Ok here are a few of the colorbar requests. Sorry it took forever. Please forgive my laziness.

[x]Amy Acker
Colorbars are love...Collapse )
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Colorbars... [03 Jul 2005|03:22pm]
Ok I've made some colorbars, but just a few.

[x]Sailor Moon
[x]Dark Mousy
These are examples, but you're welcome to take themCollapse )
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Open... [23 Jun 2005|07:24pm]
I've opened my journal and made it public. We'll see how it goes and how popular it gets. Maybe later on I'll close it again if I feel the need, but it's just easier to refer to an open post when I'm cross-posting in communities and people aren't all "I can't see your post cause it's Friends Only...blah blah" and whatnot. Info is modified just slightly, nothing big.
Be good.
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You never stop until my final breath is gone... [08 Jun 2005|08:14pm]
Ok well I tried. I really did.
For all that time there aren't too too many. But hey, I'm open for ideas! ^^

[x]Sailor Moon
[x]Buffy/Angel related
You kill me well, you like it tooCollapse )
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Resources Post... [15 May 2005|05:24pm]
The following is credit given to my graphic resources consisting of templates, brushes, tutorials, images and other things.
Without you this couldn't have been possibleCollapse )
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